Solar Parabolic Dish

The solar parabolic dish exemplifies cutting-edge technology in solar thermal energy systems (STES). By efficiently concentrating and converting sunlight into thermal energy, our system play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable energy solutions across industrial and commercial sector.

The solar parabolic dish is a sophisticated solar thermal energy system designed to efficiently convert sunlight into usable thermal energy. Its concave reflective surface concentrates direct sunlight onto a high-temperature solar receiver positioned at its focal point, where a heat transfer fluid (Thermic Fluid) absorbs and transfers thermal energy. Solar Parabolic Dish have higher efficiency than the CST Parabola as it track the Sun path throughout the day, hence have negligible energy consumption as the primary energy source is the sun.

Supported by a robust framework for precise sun-tracking, the dish ensures optimal sunlight capture throughout the day, furthermore, its frame is designed to endure wind speeds of up to 180 km/hr, all while optimizing space utilization. This concentrated solar energy can then be utilized for various applications, such as pre-heating boiler feed water, demonstrating the dish’s pivotal role in advancing sustainable energy solutions.

Our Solar Parabolic Dish is indigenously made in India.

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