Meet The Directors

​The difference between a good company and a great one lies in its core management team. TRL’s Board is a classic example of just how a group of thought leaders, visionaries, evangelists and technocrats can come together to galvanize a company to achieve excellence – and that too on a global scale. Meet the people who provide the inspiration and guidance to make it all happen for Taylormade Renewables Ltd.

Dharmendra Gor

​Chairman & M. D.

Samir Patel


Harsh Gor


Anil Pandya

Strategic Alliances

Jayantkumar Joshi

Technical Director

Jayesh Shah

I.T.I. Electronics

Mr. Rajesh Patel

Associate Director – International Business

Mr. Mayur Joshi


Mr. Karsan Antala


Jayesh Shah

I.T.I. Electronics

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