TRL IAF EC-ULTRA is a Patented Waste water treatment application developed for Grey Water, Hospital waste water, Sewage water, Brackish water, Mine waste water, Chemical induced water, Waste Water produced from various industries like Oil & Gas, Textiles & Tanneries, Power Generation, Mining & Metals, Refining & Chemicals, Food & Beverages, Fertilizers, Pharmaceuticals and many others.

Best and most economical solution for surface and sub-surface disposal from Oil & Gas Produced waste water. For sub-surface disposal the cost of water can be lower than Rs. 10.00 per KLD or Mᶾ (Larger the size lowers the cost). For surface disposal the cost is less than Rs. 40.00 per KLD or Mᶾ, which is the lowest by any existing technology in the World.

The cost mainly depends upon the impurities in the water which is to be treated with minor modifications in the treatment Process.

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