Back-washable Spiral Ultrafiltration Technology

In the face of growing concerns over water quality and safety, our state-of-the-art back-washable spiral ultrafiltration membranes stand as a beacon of reliability and efficiency.

Salient Features:

  • Precision Filtration: Our membranes boast unparalleled precision in removing turbidity, bio-contaminants, and colloidal species, ensuring that every drop meets the highest purity standards for consumption and industrial applications alike.

  • Space-Efficient Design:  Engineered with a compact spiral configuration, our membranes optimize space efficiency while maintaining optimal filtration capacity, allowing for easy installation in diverse environments.

  • Continuous Operation:  Designed for continuous operation, our technology minimizes downtime and ensures a steady supply of clean water, even in the most demanding conditions.

  • Low-Pressure Operation: Operating at low pressures below 5 bar, our membranes not only reduce energy consumption but also contribute to environmental sustainability by minimizing carbon footprint.

  • Eco-Friendly Approach: Embracing an eco-friendly approach, we prioritize sustainability by minimizing chemical usage, thereby reducing the environmental impact of water treatment while upholding uncompromising standards of water quality and safety.


  • Crystal-Clear Water: Enjoy water of unmatched clarity, thanks to our precision filtration technology that removes even the tiniest impurities, ensuring safe consumption and optimal performance in industrial applications.

  • Reliability and Consistency: Experience unwavering performance and reliability with our membranes, designed to maintain consistent water quality output and meet stringent regulatory requirements and customer expectations.

  • Cost Savings: Benefit from cost savings with our low-pressure operation, reducing energy consumption and operational costs while maintaining high standards of water purification.

  • Versatile Application: Our membranes are suitable for a wide range of applications, including community water supply, industrial processes, and more, providing versatile solutions for various water treatment needs.
"Experience the transformative power of our membrane technology and join us in our mission to provide access to clean, safe water for communities and industries worldwide."

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