TRL Rain water is a low temperature application developed for treatment of any kind of Saline, Brackish or Chemical induced water. It can also handle hazardous waste water because of its capability to run on low temperatures.

TRL Rain Water system is a process which removes Salt and other Chemicals from the water, resulting in having fresh water. The required energy for this purpose can be provided by Waste Heat, Photovoltaic or Solar concentrators. TRL RAIN SYSTEM works on simple phenomena of the natural Water Cycle, also known as Cloud Technology.

TRL Rain Water is a path Breaking step towards attaining Low cost Clean Potable water for Small as well as Large Scale Industries, Sea Water and highly Saline Water Treatment.
Natural Convection between Evaporator and Condenser

Advantages of TRL Rain Technology

  • Produces safe drinking water to WHO standards using waste heat.
  • Highly Energy Efficient and Eco friendly Design concept.
  • Very less power demand
  • Very minimal maintenance and no need for skilled man power
  • Can treat any quality and quantity of input water
  • No pre treatment required for input water (except for volatiles)
  • Modular design – Easy to Install & Operate
  • Waste Heat and Renewable Energy as backbone for the system
  • 24 hours of water production of safe drinking water possible.
  • Maintenance and operation costs are at the very minimum as compared to any other Technologies.
  • Minimal Wastage: Up to 70 % Conversion of Sea water and 95% Conversion of Brackish water possible.