Produced water refers to any water brought up to the surface during oil and gas production, typically as the result of drilling, exploration and hydraulic fracturing. Before disposing of or reusing the water, it must be treated to extract hydrocarbons and satisfy environmental regulations. Produced water is a general term, and since each system can vary based on the water quality and the environmental regulations for its reuse, there is no universal treatment process.

TRL has developed a unique technology named TRL-ZEO MEMBRANE with TRL-RAIN patented technology for surface and subsurface disposal making the facility a Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)


The Option 1 contains a full proof solution for Subsurface solution, where in the Produced water is pumped into a specifically and specially designed membrane.

The patent pending design membranes will reject only Oil & Grease and Colloidal particles (TSS) and will allow only water to pass through the same, so the water can be easily sent for subsurface disposal. A complete automated, untouched and interlocked design.

The reject water and CIP water which would be less than 10% of feed from the membrane can be sent back to the primary treatment. If primary treatment is not available than the reject will be concentrated and automatically after certain concentration will be sent to Heating treating process, where in the oil and grease can be recovered and the process continues. If you opt for Option 3 than the CIP and reject water can be sent to TRL-RAIN. The cost of treatment would be very economical compared to any other existing technology.


The Option 2 contains a full proof solution for Surface disposal and Subsurface disposal, where in the Produced water is pumped into a specifically and specially designed membrane as shown in Option 1, but instead of sending it to abandoned well it is sent to high pressure RO membrane through a Patented Zeolite Chamber.

In Zeolite Chamber the molecule of water is broken to 1/20th of size where in the water becomes soft plus it reduces the TDS levels of the water increasing the life, increases the permeate and reducing the load on the RO membrane.

From Zeolite chamber the water is pumped to the RO membrane, where in more than of 70% water will be recovered as permeate and 20% will be the reject.

The Permeate would be having less than 500 as TDS and it will meet all the parameters of Surface disposal. TRL takes all the responsibility and guarantees the parameters of Surface disposal.

The reject and the CIP water, which will be concentrated one can be sent to subsurface disposal as though being concentrated it will match the parameters of Subsurface disposal.


The Option 3 is our Patented TRL-RAIN patented technology, where in the reject of High pressure RO membrane, CIP water from Membrane & RO membrane are treated to recover almost all water and the residue would be nothing but salts, which can be passed through an Filter press or Nutche filter. The salt cakes can be send to systematic land filling sites.

The evaporated and condensed water from TRL-RAIN can be used in the process or for agricultural purpose. The water will be of less than 200 ppm of TDS and without any other impurities and will pass all PCB norms at any given time.

A complete zero liquid discharge plant.

All the three options are so designed that client can concentrate on their Production and drilling activities and the headache of treatment of all the different effluents can be taken care by TRL-ZEO MEMBRANE and TRL-RAIN technology.