Membrane Assisted Defluoridation Process

TRL stands at the forefront of technological innovation in water remediation.

At TRL, we recognize the urgent need to combat fluoride contamination in drinking water, a pervasive issue affecting communities worldwide. Leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, we have developed groundbreaking technologies that redefine the standards of water quality.

Our Expertise:

  • Revolutionary Technology: Through strategic collaborations and rigorous research, TRL has introduced a revolutionary membrane-assisted sorption process for fluoride removal from ground and surface water sources.

  • Comprehensive Solution: This state-of-the-art technology not only efficiently eliminates fluoride but also addresses secondary contaminants like aluminum and microorganisms, ensuring the delivery of water that is both safe and pristine.


  • Cost-Effectiveness: TRL’s solutions offer a cost-effective approach to water remediation, making clean water accessible to communities of all sizes.

  • Operational Reliability: Our technologies are designed for operational reliability, ensuring consistent performance even in challenging environments.

  • Environmental Sustainability: By removing harmful contaminants from water sources, TRL contributes to environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural resources.


  • Community Water Treatment: Our solutions are tailored for community-level water treatment, providing safe drinking water to populations in need.
  • Domestic Use: TRL’s technologies are also suitable for domestic use, ensuring clean and safe water for households and families.
  • Emergency Relief: In times of crisis or natural disasters, TRL’s rapid deployment capabilities enable us to provide immediate relief through water purification solutions.

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