Pilot Trials Results

Loxim Industries Ltd

No.CharacteristicResult – Pre treatmentResult – Post treatment% Difference
1Ph at 24 deg. C8.089.30(-) 15.10
2Total Dissolved Solids, mg/l137,25028099.80
3Chloride (as Cl), mg/l15,816.3733.4699.79
4Sulphate (as SO4), mg/l170.166.3296.29
5Total Hardness (as CaCO3). Mg/l904.717.4498.07
6Sodium (as Na) mg/l23,24016.3999.93
7Total Suspended Solids mg/l1,6104597.20
8Biological Oxygen Demand mg/l5,2702799.49
9Chemical Oxygen Demand, mg/l15,9848899.45
10Oil & Grease mg/l28< 0.498.57

Treatment of Hazardous waste water from their manufacturing of dyes and intermediates By TRL RAIN PATENTED Technology

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