Pilot Trials Results

Jemby Chem Ltd.

No. Characteristic Result – Pre treatment Result – Post treatment % Difference
1 Chemical Oxygen Demand, mg/l 122,640 PPM 90 PPM 99.93
2 Total Dissolved Solids, mg/l 48.43% 288 PPM 99.94
3 Total Suspended Solids mg/l 328 PPM < 10 PPM 96.95
4 Ammonical Nitrogen 2.94% 68 PPM 99.77

Treatment of Hazardous waste water from their manufacturing of dyes and intermediates.

This hazardous waste water which was treated by TRL RAIN Technology is one the most worst and most challenging water for any technology and cannot be treated by any existing Evaporation technology except Spray Dryers and that too with great difficulty and high maintenance.

We successfully demonstrated that in TRL RAIN can treat even such challenging water without any problems.

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