A Cook Stove is heated by burning wood, charcoal, animal dung or crop residue. Cook Stoves are commonly used for cooking and heating food in developing countries. Cook Stoves are designed to reduce the fuel consumption per meal and to curb smoke emissions from open fires inside dwellings. Cook Stoves are designed for developing countries settings as a low cost bridging technology.

We have two primary types of advanced Cook Stoves that can achieve high levels of performance; (1) forced air Stoves and (2) gasifier Stoves, both of them can run on processed or raw biomass.

  • Forced air Stoves have a fan powered either by a battery, an external source of electricity, or a thermo-electric generator. This fan blows high velocity, low volume jets of air into the combustion chamber, which when optimized results in more complete combustion of the fuel.
  • Gasifier Stoves force the gases and smoke that result from incomplete combustion of fuels such as biomass back into the cook Stove’s flame where the heat of the flame then continues to combust the particles in the smoke until almost complete combustion has occurred reducing emissions. Typical gasifier Stoves are known as Top Lit Up Draft (TLUD) Stoves because some fuel is lit on top of the Stove forcing combustible products to pass through the flame front before being emitted into the air.



  • Safe to the touch:- Efficient, insulated design ensures safe surface temperatures to prevent burns.
  • Stable:- Practically tip-proof to reduce the chance of spills and scalds.


  • Fuel flexibility:- Efficient operation with a variety of biomass fuels in addition to wood, including our sustainable biomass briquettes.
  • Durable:- Stoves are expected to last 10 years with replaceable parts, and all Stoves come with a 1 year warranty.
  • Portable:- No permanent installation is required, making Stoves easy to transport and relocate.


  • Fuel Efficient Cook Stoves, saving up to 70 % of Fuel
  • Best in class Efficiencies in all models
  • Eco Friendly and Smoke Free Chulha
  • Sturdy structure
  • As per the new BIS Standards& tasted by MNRE
  • Easy To Operate and Carry due to efficient Designs
  • It comes in five different size (models) to match cooking needs of your family
  • Healthier cooking, because it is as smokeless process, 90% reduction in Air Pollution
  • Self Starting Cook Stoves – No need to blow air and breathing smoke to start the fire.
  • Natural Draft as well as Force Draft options available
  • No set up or installation is required
  • Battery back up along with charger box provided, hence you don’t have to move the Cook Stoves every time.
  • Easy cleaning with help of bottom removable trays.


  • Model: Shaurya Front Loading Domestic Cook stove
  • Cooking Capacity : 5 to 12 Peoples
  • Thermal Efficiency : 30 %
  • Power Output : 1.631 KW
  • Easily Portable and easy to operate.


  • Model: Front Loading Domestic Cook stove for Below Poverty Level
  • Cooking Capacity : 5 to 12 Peoples
  • Thermal Efficiency : 32.24 %
  • Power Output : 1.99 KW
  • Very affordable and specially designed for below poverty line customers.


  • Model: Shaurya Force Draft Domestic Cook stove
  • Cooking Capacity : 5 to 20 Peoples
  • Thermal Efficiency : 40 %
  • Power Output : 2.497 KW
  • Best in class efficiency.


  • Model: Natural Draft Community Cookstove
  • Cooking Capacity : 20 to 50 Peoples
  • Thermal Efficiency:  30 to 35 %
  • Complete gasification takes place.
  • Power Output: 8.25 KW


  • Model: Force Draft Community Cook stove
  • Cooking Capacity : 50 to 100 Peoples
  • Thermal Efficiency: Above 45 %
  • Prolonged working hours, can cook for many people at once in short time, self-starting Cook stove, battery box available.
  • Power Output : 10.0 KW