The TRL-RAIN ULTRA patented solvent recovery system is one of the most innovative technology. The system can yield maximal solvent as a product at a very low cost due to the unique design of the evaporator and condenser, and this without the usage of vacuum pumps or chilling towers.

For the solvent recovery process, the TRL-RAIN ULTRA SRS does not require any columns for evaporation or condensation. The new technology of the solvent recovery system is simple to install and run, with improved energy efficiency and does not require any CIP.

Advantages of TRL-Rain Ultra SRS

  • No chilling
  • No vacuum pumps
  • No vents
  • 100% solvent recovery
  • No vacuum pumps are used for creating vacuum and no chillers are used for condensation, these saves huge energy costs reducing the operating cost dramatically.
  • No CIP, no additives and no acid treatment required while running the system
  • Yields maximum solvent recovery- Direct Saving
  • Highly Energy Efficient and Eco-friendly Design concept.
  • Very less power demand compared to existing technologies
  • Very minimal maintenance and no need for skilled man power
  • Can treat any quality and quantity of effluent where solvent recovery is required
  • Modular design – Easy to Install & Operate
  • As the evaporation happens at low temperatures, Waste Heat and Renewable Energy or hot water generators can also be used efficiently.
  • Near to 100% recovery of solvent – Direct Saving
  • Less number of moving parts compared to existing technologies saving capital cost, space and maintenance costs.
  • Can treat any solvent with any boiling point