Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI) partners along with Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) in an international project ‘Solar Payback’ to disseminate the market potential of solar thermal applications for industrial process heat. With support under the German Federal Ministry of Environment, the project will be implemented in Germany, India, South Africa, Mexico and Brazil. The German Solar Association (BSW) is the lead partner in this project. It commenced in India from 16th December 2016 and will last up to August 2019 and will be executed by STFI. The aim is to raise attention for the huge market potential of solar process heat, which is still playing the role of a relatively new niche technology in the above mentioned countries.

‘Solar Payback’ is part of the German International Climate Initiative (IKI) which financed climate and biodiversity projects in so called developing or emerging countries since 2008:

Almost 15 million tones fuel oil is consumed in annually for heat up to 250 OC alone in industries & close to 5,000 trillion kWh of electricity for heating. Industrial sector accouns for 38% of total energy consumed in India. Energy efficiency measures and renewable energy sources offer hope for conserving up to 25% of the industrial energy requirement. The country has close to 10,50,000 m2 of solar thermal installation of which, nearly 35% is for industrial process heating using technologies from flat plate to concentrated dishes and compound parabolic collectors. The saving potential is enormous, payback times are surprisingly low. Considering the vast requirement for industrial process heat there is plentiful of scope for exploiting the market size. Solar thermal applications for industrial process heat could change India’s energy supply for many producing industries.

Solar Payback is concentrated on in-depth technology information for an efficient project development as well as strengthening the sector through capacity building workshops for manufacturers as well as potential end-users. It follows a market oriented multiplier concept and works closely together with the STFI, Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, relevant industry associations, project developers, energy consultants, and energy service companies (ESCOs) will closely work in realising the objectives. Further the development of business and financing models by energy service companies (ESCOs) and financial institutions as well as the optimisation of installed projects to improve the efficiency of the technology is also intended. Finally, political decision makers will be informed and enabled to improve the legal framework.

‘Solar Payback’ is likely to coin a radical hope for solar thermal process heating in India and increase the confidence of industrial customers to implement and supplementing carbon based fuel.

BSW Solar with its around 1,000 member companies is one of the largest lobby organisations for solar electricity and solar heat in Germany headquartered in Berlin.

Solar Thermal Federation of India (STFI) founded in 2010 is the voice of solar thermal industry in India comprising of country’s low temperature solar thermal manufacturers that constitute 80% of the market.

IGCC promotes Indo-German Economic Cooperation since 60 years with its almost 100 professionals in India and Germany and over 6,000 company members in both countries.