Solar Direct Cooking System

Solar Direct Cooking System consists of concentrating reflector that moves to track the movement of the Sun. In TRL Direct Cooking System the reflected and concentrated Sunlight enters a nearby kitchen directly through a secondary reflector to fall on a cooking pot or frying surface.

Each morning, the operator rotates the concentrating reflector back to a starting position in which the reflected beam is aligned with the axis of rotation of the reflector, and starts the tracking mechanism (Electronic). Every few days the operator adjusts the angle between the axis of rotation and the concentrating reflector to accommodate the seasonal variation in the height of the Sun. Once the reflected beam is aligned with the axis of rotation of the concentrating reflector and the timer is in motion, the reflected beam remains aligned with the axis of rotation all the day. The reflecting surface of the concentrating reflector consists of a number of facets, usually flat solar grade mirrors. A concrete pad and a welded steel space frame provide support for the concentrating reflector. The area of the concentrating reflectors in the configurations shown here is usually about 10 sq. m. or 16 sq. m.


Applications in Residential schools, mid-day meal program, defence teams deployed in remote and urban areas, hotels, institutions, industries providing canteen facilities to employees, temples and many more catering to less than 200 persons daily. TRL reserves the rights for any improvements in the above specifications, which can lead to higher efficiency and cost reduction of the system.

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