The Commissioner, Tribal Development is the chief controlling officer for departmental budget sanctions and allocations as well as implements and monitors progress of all tribal developmental programs within the State of Gujarat. The Commissioner, in collaboration with other departments, implements Vanbhandhu Kalayan Yojana, Tribal Sub Plan and Constitutional safeguards for the tribes in the State.

Commissionerate formulates schemes for welfare and development of dispersed tribal communities including the Primitive Tribes and undertakes relevant implementation activities. It also performs co-coordination functions with respect to all TSP related matters and where necessary, between Collectors, Project Administrators, District Development Officers and any other officers/agencies at the district level; with the technical and administrative Heads of Departments at the regional or State level; with the Tribal Development Corporation, banks and any other agencies involved in Tribal Sub Plan activities for ensuring speedy implementation of the schemes, removal of bottlenecks and securing of funds including institutional finance.

To facilitate the tribal peoples and mainly women with healthy cooking environment, to cut down their efforts to get the forest wood from forest to cook food and save our precious environment by saving on GHG Commissioner of Tribal Development has initiated a step forward and has floated a Tender for Supply of Solar Cooking System to Residential Schools for providing healthy & hygienic food to the students.

Taylormade Renewables Ltd. (TRL) – being a market leader in Solar Thermal Field submitted its offer in response to the tender and was awarded the work looking to its low price offer, previous experience, expertise and fulfilling all the Tender Terms.

TRL supplied the ordered material and installed the solar cooking system at various places as directed in the work order. Looking to the results and performance they are very happy with the solar cooking system and in the process of procuring it in big quantity for all the residential schools and for MDM scheme.

Though it was a small quantity supplied it is a starting of a new era in the field of solar thermal system implementation in the State and we look forward to huge potential of solar thermal systems application in the State.