​The difference between a good company and a great one lies in its core management team. TRL’s Board is a classic example of just how a group of thought leaders, visionaries, evangelists and technocrats can come together to galvanize a company to achieve excellence – and that too on a global scale. Meet the people who provide the inspiration and guidance to make it all happen for Taylormade Renewables Ltd.

Dharmendra Gor

​Chairman & M. D.

Mr. Gor is an Electrical Engineer and has an experience of more than 35 years in the field of Environment and Renewable Energy. At TRL he takes care of Marketing, Planning and Execution of Projects. He is closely associated with MNRE, UNDP, UNIDO, CPCB, State Pollution Control boards and many more agencies working for a common cause i.e. promotion and market development of Solar Thermal and Waste Water Applications.

Samir Patel

Technical Head

Mr. Patel is a Mechanical Engineer and has an experience of more than 20 years in the field of Manufacturing and Commissioning of Solar Thermal Projects. At TRL he takes care of Manufacturing, Planning and Commissioning of Projects. He was involved in manufacturing and installation of prestigious projects at Shirdi Sai Sansthan, Tirupati Tirumala Devsthanam, Satyabhama University and many more…

Harsh Gor


Mr Harsh Gor is a Mechanical Engineer and also the youngest member of the team. He is assosiated with TRL since its incorporation. He is a research enthusiast and loves spending his time studying new technologies. At TRL he is in charge of Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement as well as Research & Development. He has worked with manty prestegious clients such as IIT – Roorkee, Pandit Deen Dayal University, CAD Pulgaon- Indian Army, ISRO etc etc.

Anil Pandya

Strategic Alliances

Mr. Anil Pandya is a person with entrepreneurial background supported by his qualification of Finance and Technology. His rich experience of business strategy, International market and a good network can take these innovative solutions to the next level. He has achieved good efficiency in delivering the best to market. He is also a member of various chambers of commerce and Industry.

Jayantkumar Joshi

Technical Director

Mr Jayant kumar Joshi is a Post graduate Chemical Engineer  from IIT Roorkee with 35+ years of rich experience in Hydrocarbon Industry. He was  Heading the Sustainability, Safety, plot plan and Environment and water Division  in EIL before his superannuation.  He is a QCI accredited coordinator and Functional area expert for carrying out EIA. He is now representing a company “Taylormade Renewables Ltd.” as Director Technical.

He has Successfully pioneered “ Zero Liquid Discharge” system in the HP industries which includes Desalination of water to Produce DM quality water through membrane, resin and thermal routes from effluent.  He has keen interest in research work and was the leader of the team who Developed technologies for Spent caustic oxidation Process, VOC control &  treatment, Confined oily sludge bioreactor technology to treat oily sludge & has two patents under his name.

He has published more than 50 papers in various workshops, proceedings and journals on various topics related to water and waste water.

He has successfully coordinated water minimization study for 13 PSU refineries. He is most conversant with the problems and solutions of HPI.

Jayesh Shah

I.T.I. Electronics

Jayesh Shah, I.T.I. Electronics & Computer Programming Diploma Holder is the second director of the company. He was an employee of Mr. Dharmendra Gor in his distributorship business. He has been working with Dharmendra Gor since last 30 years. He is a very trustworthy and a loyal employee.

He is also a very much experienced person in the field. He is a person who has knowledge of technical aspects and is equally capable of taking decisions and find solutions in absence of Mr. Gor, hence the company routine works did not affect while Mr. Gor is on Business tour. Secondly, Mr. Dharmendra Gor and Mr. Jayesh Shah are together for numbers of years and hence both of them have good understanding of each other which can bring harmony in administration of the business. Mr. Shah caters as “all in one performer” in the company and is a big asset of the company due to his trust worthiness, experience and knowledge of technical aspects as well as administrative skills.

 Mr. Rajesh Patel

Associate Director – International Business

Mr Rajesh Patel, a Commerce graduate is an Ambitious Business Owner who creates strategic alliances with organizations, companies and associations to effectively align with and support key business initiatives.

Mr. Patel is a committed and motivated Business Owner with more than 30 years of rich experience in business strategy, global market network and have over 10 years of experience in the Sugar and Distillery field.  He is here to revolutionize product development and bring creative solutions to the global market.